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  • Loans from $5,000 to $100,000
  • No minimum credit score
  • Loans from $5,000 to $100,000
  • No minimum credit score
  • No credit score impact
  • No credit score impact
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Find the lenders and rates in 60 seconds with no fees or committments.

Balance Balance
Average Interest Rate Average
Interest Rate
Monthly Payment Monthly
5-years Interest Paid 5-years
Interest Paid

Rate Credit Card
Balance $40,000
Average Interest Rate 29% APR
Monthly Payment $1,293
5-years Interest Paid $37,633
Reserve My Loan
Partner Network
Balance $40,000
Average Interest Rate 14% APR
Monthly Payment $930
5-years Interest Paid $15,831
Estimated Interest

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* Savings and experiences of members herein may not be representative of all members. Savings are not guaranteed and will vary, based on your unique situation and other factors.

Consolidate with a personalized loan

Personal Loan (Example):
Monthly payment
Loan amount
Term length
4 yearshands

Consolidate debt with a
personalized loan

$5,000 – $100,000
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Flexible term:
1 to 12 years
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Consolidating debt in as little as 60 seconds

Reserve My Loan serves as 2024’s leading lending marketplace. Our goal from the beginning was to create a platform for our clients to access the largest number of lending partners with a single application. Since launch, our network has helped facilitate billions of dollars in credit products. We believe that ease of application remains the largest industry barrier and we have made it our mission to improve the financial lives of our members through transparency and dedication to providing comprehensive and affordable solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a debt consolidation?

Debt consolidation combines multiple debts into a single payment—so you don’t have to juggle multiple bills, interest rates, and payment dates. That means you can better manage your finances and worry less about missing payments.

How do debt consolidation loans work?

Here’s how debt consolidation works if you have a loan:

  • Apply: Apply to see what debt consolidation options you qualify for. Fill in the requested information and Reserve will find lending options that match your budget and situation.
  • Choose your debt consolidation loan: If a loan offer is provided, select an offer for debt consolidation to simplify your debts into one payment. You can choose the best fit for you based on savings, terms, payment schedules, and more.
  • Pay down your debt: After you’re approved for your loan, you can use the funds to pay down the debt owed to your creditors.

What does it mean to be pre-approved?

When you see a pre-approved offer, the lender has determined that you meet certain approval criteria based on a soft pull of your credit profile that Reserve has performed. Through matching you with pre-approved loan offers, Reserve identifies loans that you will more plausibly get approved for if you were to complete a loan application with that loan provider. Pre-approved offers are conditional commitments for an exact rate from a lender, and let you know if you qualify for that loan. The rates are subject to change but are very rarely different than the rate you’ll see. This enables Reserve to match you with the loan offers that best meet your needs, all while only doing a soft inquiry on your credit score.

Personal loan offers in 60 seconds

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  • It’s a soft inquiry so it won’t impact your credit score